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Sky Orchid - Paradise In Limbo (pt. 1)

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Sky Orchid - The River (Official Music Video)

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This Is Sky Orchid

The Making of Oculus

 The making of Oculus, Sky Orchid’s debut 2 EP's, was not a brief or precise task.  Without a step-by-step process or checklist, it was a very organic process.  Some of the songs were written during the recording process while others were written years ago.  At 7 years old, Breathe Easy is the oldest song and began in the brothers’ garage with friends Justin Sanchez and Roberto Rodriguez.  The song represents a simpler time in their lives.  On the flip side there are songs such as The River and Sneakers which encompass a much more serious and ambitious sound.  One could say that Oculus captures a critical snapshot in Sky Orchid’s live, but it isn’t solely about them.  Rather, like looking into an oculus, it can be interpreted in different ways for anybody.

Paradise In Limbo (Pt. 1)

Beginning from their parents garage to recording on a grand piano and live drum kit at one of Houston's finest studios. Sky Orchid created their vision with the help of Derek Hames and John Shelton from Edgewater Studios in Sugarland, Texas. These guys truly made a masterpiece. It hits hard with Riverboat Queen and gently grasps your hand during Little. Finally finishing off with the grand I Am On Fire. Gabriel killed it with the vocals and the songs showcase Daniel's drumming to the maximum. With Daniel on the verge of graduating from the university, who only knows what the Sky Orchid bros will accomplish this year! 


 Sky Orchids debut album Oculus was written and produced by Gabriel Traknyak and Daniel Traknyak. Oculus was mixed and mastered by Rob Rebeck, producer of renown artists including Tech N9ne, at the award winning Chapman Recording and Mastering studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Sky Orchids soon to be released album includes tracks recorded by Latin Grammy nominated recording studio, Tambora Records in Bogota, Colombia.

Although Sky Orchid is an up and coming alternative band, they have played over 90 shows within the U.S. and Abroad including three festivals and a personal invitation to play at the Bauhaus in Dessau-Roßlau, Germany. Furthermore, Sky Orchid placed twice as finalists in Kansas State University's battle of the bands competition organized by OPUS.

The Essence of Sky Orchid

Gabriel and Daniel Traknyak have played music for the entirety of their lives. Therefore, their chemisty developed as siblings has helped them to create a customized and definitive sound. While designing and releasing Oculus Gabriel Traknyak simultaneously completed an accredited masters in architecture degree from Kansas State University. Throughout architecture school Gabriel Traknyak was able to understand the discipline, rigor, collaboration, process, and professionalism it took to complete projects. He learned that these skills can be transposed through music as some of the greatest musicians such as Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Seal and Ice Cube were also initially inclined in the architectural profession. The compatibility of music and architecture along with the ability to complete two enduring feats proves their ability to not only conceptualize but fully realize their goals. Resultantly, Gabriel Traknyak wrote, played and recorded all the instruments in Oculus except for the drums and bass provided by Daniel Traknyak.


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Sky Orchid - In the Fire (Official Music Video)


 Apache was recorded by Tambora Records which is a studio in Bogota, Colombia nominated for the 2017 Latin Grammys. The video was shot in the studio while we were recording by a cinematographer/ videographer Joe Dooling from BeatWatch


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